Critical illness recovery

Our patients typically need additional medical care and recovery time in a hospital setting before being discharged home or transferred to the next level of care.

Clinical practice is guided by medical directors and chief nursing officers who follow rigorous standards approved by Select Medical’s National Medical Advisory Board (NMAB). The board consists of more than a dozen leading physicians and clinical specialists. Our local hospital leadership and medical staff help our treatment teams recognize and use successful, clinically-tested treatments; this is done in close collaboration with our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Samuel Hammerman, MMM, CPE, FCCP, NMAB.

Inpatient rehabilitation

We share our patients’ goals of restoring physical and functional ability. Through a comprehensive program of medical, nursing and therapy care, we help each person regain strength, recover skills and return to as much independence as possible. Our programs are underpinned by extensive support and education.

Patients have different rehabilitation needs and will progress toward goals at their own speed. To help gauge treatment effectiveness, RUSH Specialty Hospital - Inpatient Rehabilitation collects a variety of data and reports on its outcomes.

These outcomes are assessed using several indicators, including standardized industry measurements of mobility improvement and activities of daily living - such as bathing, dressing and self-care. Other quality metrics we monitor include falls and infection rates, discharge destinations, and our patients' satisfaction and likelihood to recommend RUSH Specialty Hospital - Inpatient Rehabilitation.

Let Us Help

We will work closely with you, your family, physician or the referring hospital to ensure a smooth transition to RUSH Specialty Hospital.